Roma, Pompeii and Finals

The last half of the term has flown by and now with a little over a week until we go home it seems that time is flying by. We went to Rome with my art history class. We visited the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, St Peters Basilica and the Roman Forum-ColiseumImageImageImage. It was a fabulous trip and We learned so much about all of the art, history and civilizationsImage that were there before us. Then my friend Denise, Chad and I went on down to Naples and stayed in a cute little hostel that was so much fun! We went and spent the day at Pompeii walking the ruins and soaking up the atmosphere. Pompeii has forever changed me. I am completing my final art project on Pompeii with photos and poems by me to match. Here is a sample of the photos and the rest will need to wait until I reach home unfortunately! The garden is much too cold to sit and upload photos in right now.