Celebrate the Earth Day!


I have been creating a daily routine for my granddaughter who spends a great deal of time at my house. One of our routines is to name one thing we are grateful for each morning. The hardest part of this exercise is for her to understand what gratitude means. But I think she is getting the jist of it, just the other day while we were at the Oregon Zoo she told me that she was sooooo grateful for coming to the zoo.

I have found in my own gratitude practice that when I focus on gratitude then everything else shifts focus from the negative to the positive. Tis true!

And there are so many things to be grateful for; sunshine in April, flowering dogwoods, finches in my bird feeder, granddaughters, bluejays that peer at me, zoos, orangutans, avocados, waking up each morning, Mom love…

Today on this Earth Day, I am most grateful for an Earth that continues to support us, despite the use and abuse that we heap on Her. She still gushes forth in her majesty with unspeakable beauty and grace. The Earth is strong and resilient, timelessly cycling through season after season and in Her steadfastness I find comfort and solace, knowing that come what may, Spring comes after Winter and Fall will cool us down after Summer heats us up.

Happy and blessed Earth Day to Everyone! 

The Times They are a Changing…Still and Forever


If I had to define my belief system at this moment it would be ” a follower of signs from the Universe.”  Now, in the next moment the definition may be completely different. I feel most at ease and peaceful when my sight is open to the synchronistic revelations that appear all around me everyday but on many days I am too preoccupied with mundania to “see”. I feel at my most optimal, creatively, at these open time periods. I can make sense of my path up until now, I can look back with more clarity than I had going forward at the time, I can see how all the minute pieces of passionate discovery fit together and add to the layers of generation. This morning I had a window of this blissful, purposeful time and found quite a few bending moments while following threads of knowledge, one tidbit leading to another, leading to another, leading to another.

This link is to a lecture by Marija Gimbutas. It is quite long at 1 hour and 42 minutes but I can tell you I was mesmerized the entire time. I had several revelations and made even more connections while watching. Professor Gimbutas is a weaver most definitely. I believe that the collective “we” are heading back to the Paleolithic period in terms of returning to the earth. We have been traveling through the sky far too long and have forgotten our roots that come from the earth. Gimbutas discusses in the lecture the pre-Kurgan invasion of the horse riders and the patriarchal (Sky God) beliefs. Sustenance for all came from the earth, agricultural and arts were an extension of spiritual practice all tied into reverence of the Goddess. There was no war, no violence. It was an “earth loving, art loving culture”. I can see a huge movement back to this time when we ate local, grew our own food or bartered for it, goods and services were not transported long distance. The earth was given thanks for it’s sustenance and it was cared for as a reciprocal practice of give and take in the circle of life. The balance was in the regeneration from life to death and back to life. Sustainable practices were not a catch phrase, it was a natural way of living off the earth.

We have become too much in our minds and technology has created mini-Gods of our brains that we worship above all else. Learn to make it easier, better, cheaper, faster…man-made is where it’s at! We are our own God. We can create it all. No need for a reciprocal connection with the natural world. Plastic does not die, it can never be a part of the regenerative cycle.  The disruption in Paleolithic times when those first horse riders rode in and decided that hunting by men was better than agriculture by both men and women was the turning point. It is apparent where this has taken us. Now the natural world is taking us back home. Through climate change, extinction and global eco disasters we are being told “No More”. The return to the old ways is upon us and I for one am looking forward to the changes and getting back to the basics that feel stable and life affirming.