Italian Shoes and Bombing Down Hills

Italy is known for their fabulous leather shoes. With the streets made of cobblestone and the homes with stone floors I believe that the crafting of fine quality shoes was a necessity for the Italians. We have stone floors in our apartment and spending all of our time on stone flooring has really shown us the necessity of wearing good quality shoes. After awhile your bones feel like they are readjusting in your body.

Chad found a couple smooth non cobblestone streets to bomb down on his skateboard. They are very high and very long streets. He filmed his first two runs down them on his gopro. I was very impressed with the Italian lack of shock seeing a person skateboarding down the middle of the road in traffic. Sylvia my school director said no one in Siena skates and so there are no rules about skating here…there may be after Chad gets done with Siena! He will be known here for sure. I want to take him to the fortress soon, it is the perfect place for street skating, with steps and smooth surfaces.

The Italians have a unique way of accepting whatever comes their way, whether it be skaters in the middle of the street, power outages, late buses or a man urinating on a statue in the piazza (part of acceptance ritual to the university). The rules set up here have more to do with making life enjoyable for the whole and less to do with power and control. It is very much in line with a belief of live and let live. But more so in that they wish true prosperity and enjoyment for all.


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