Awww…the warm taste of familiarity. The sleepy rising to meet your day that is filled with the structured routines that we build our foundations of security on. The walk to the coffee pot, the much anticipated first sip of coffee, the brushing of the teeth, the daily breakfast all done a million times before in the same way, with the same emotion.

Have you ever noticed when you go on vacation and your familiar routines are disrupted that you feel a combination of freedom and anxiety? We love the feeling of new and the break from routine but when in the throes of it we only want routine back. We strive to make the new a familiar routine and we are never quite relaxed and satisfied until we do.

Two days before I fly out to Italy and the one thing that is bringing me both pleasure and angst is the routine cup of Italian roast Tully’s that I am savoring and facing the thought I will no longer have. It doesn’t matter that it will be replaced with an exquisitely perfected cup of frothy milk and espresso served up in a land of Tuscan hilly sunshine, under a Sienese statue…all I can think is that I will not have my favorite pirate mug full of faux Italian roast every morning.

Let the insecurity reign until my Siena becomes routine!

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