Face Time  Charolette Stoehr  One of my first and not complete

I have a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for living/travel expenses for studying abroad in Italy. Just to give a little break down of what it costs to do this…

Airfare/travel 2600

housing 2500

classes/program fees 11,000

food/misc. 3000

It is quite the undertaking! I applied and received a Gilman Scholarship and a Kawase Scholarship that covers 5000 of this cost. The rest is all covered by loans, donations and hard work.

You may be asking at this point…why do it? Why not take the less expensive route and stay here to take the same classes? It wouldn’t be the same classes. To sit in the Uffizzi Gallery and study Bacchus by Caravaggio just isn’t the same as looking at it on  the projection screen. The classes and study are the main focus for me but there is so much more that will take place. Call it throwing open a door and stepping through it if you like. The changes have already begun to take place. I have experienced an incredible feeling of weight being lifted from me as I have taken each step in this journey. Packing up my things has been really liberating. I feel unattached and lighter for it. This encourages my mind to soar with the possibilities that are available in life and I can see with new eyes that limitations are illusions. I have begun to give stuff away, stuff I have held onto for way too long. Who needs a glittery heart shaped doohickey that goes in a vase of flowers?

It feels right for me to attach myself to myself and say “wherever I am is where my home is.” For now anyway. I make no promises about the future and that is liberating as well. The shifting of thought patterns and the stepping outside of my comfort zone is uncomfortable but I do it. I just do it uncomfortable. Because the feeling of enormous happiness and pleasure I get from the knowledge that I am growing, moving and changing my small part of the universe is enough.  These effects may change whoever I come in contact with and that will only increase the pleasure from this journey.

It would be so much less expensive and easier, I might add, to stay where I am and go to school but that isn’t where growth happens; staying where you are.

I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and instead of turning it down in favor of the easy way or the less expensive, I dare to entertain the idea that I can do this and that I can see myself in Italy sitting in the museum drawing, painting and learning how to speak a foreign language. I can see myself sharing my experiences with a classroom in NYC. I can see myself sharing this journey with everyone. I believe in myself.

I am asking you to believe in me as well. The new perks I have added to my indiegogo campaign (link posted in right side bar) are drawings that I will do in class in Italy. There will be many sketches, drawings and paintings. I offer them up to you for your support.

Thanks so much!

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