Can I just begin by saying I am eating the words of the last post as I write this? The Universe has a funny, strange and at times sadistic sense of humor. Just sayin. But I see that some journeys, okay all journeys have many, many detours, road blocks and huge scary cliffs that you find yourself hurtling off into the abyss. So my journey down the path of acupuncture ended abruptly when I found out that it costs $75,000 to go to school and then you have to start your own practice to work. WELL…no.

But to be honest I am not sure my new path is any less crazy and unpredictable or expensive for that matter. I pretty much decided to give up trying to decipher what my path is (studying puritan’s beliefs did this) and just give it over to the Universe and boy does that change things up. Let’s see, since I have done that I have faced childhood demons of the worst kind and decided to love the people that destroyed parts of me anyway, became integrated completely with my shadows, decided to love everyone, fell in love with myself, changed my major to Art History, and now am going to Italy to study the masters and learn to say, ” atraversiamo!”

So this blog will still be about healing at all levels. It will also be about following your passion, taking huge leaps of faith, listening to the Universe, and traveling in Europe! September 24, 2013 will find me on a plane bound for Dublin, Ireland. Where I will find my way to Siena, Italy to spend the next three months studying painting, drawing, culture, Italian language and how to make a very good cappucino. Unlike the last blog where I was sure I was on the path made especially for me…I have no clue whether this is the “right” path for me, I just know that when I got the notification that I had received a Gilman scholarship to go to Italy, every part of my being was already packing to go. There was no doubt that this is where I passionately wanted to be. Step by slow and small step, it has all been unfolding. I keep my eyes open and ready to take into account any signs that this is not supposed to happen but there hasn’t been any signs like that. In fact there has only been signs that point to go, do this, love it, feel it, embrace it, revel in it, rejoice …YOU ARE GOING TO ITALY!  Chiusure Siena Italy

When people ask me if I am going to Italy to study, I say, “yes.”  I don’t say maybe or I hope so. There have been obstacles, like the program I initially applied for and listed on my Gilman scholarship being suspended and having to scramble to find one that was twice the cost and would let me apply past the deadline, get it approved by Gilman, madly apply for more scholarships with a deadline two days away, arrange for alternate housing since I am taking my son with me and various other hoops. But I never saw these as signs not to go but what I saw was incredible amounts of help being given me to make this happen. At one point there were four different advisors from two different college campuses, a Gilman representative, and a study abroad program representative all working on finding me an alternative program and making this happen for me. I watched with that objective eye as all the pieces came together like a puzzle. The ending picture was of Siena, Italy.

Come back and follow my travels…it will all be here. The Universe will be our tour guide, I will be documenting my thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams for all to see. I promise it will be crazy amazing and full of all of life’s vulnerabilities and joy. Cause it is all love after all…right?

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